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Jam El Mar Mark Spoon - taken from 'HR3 / XXL Clubnight Volume 3' sleeve Jam & Spoon - taken from 'Kaleidoscope' booklet DJ Dag - Photo by E. Strattmann taken from http://www.djdag.de/

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This is an unofficial fanpage dedicated to the musican, producer and remixer Jam El Mar (Rolf Ellmer), his late studio partner DJ Mark Spoon (Markus Löffel), Jam's former mate DJ Dag (Dag Lerner) and their work and releases.

Included are their projects Jam&Spoon, Storm, Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, Dance 2 Trance, Peyote, Crazy Malamute and so on, plus remixes and other outside productions work.

The 'core' is a full detailed discography where all releases I know about are listed.

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Mark Spoon (Markus Löffel), 27/Nov/1966-11/Jan/2006

Mark Spoon died on 11/Jan/2006 :-(

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