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Virginia Nascimento (produced by Schallbau)

The half Brazilian artist Virginia Nascimento created with producer Stevie B-Zet a mixture between the B-Zet typical electronic sounds and beats and Virginia's distinctive voice.

Virginia Nascimento: Albums (produced by Schallbau)

Virginia Nascimento: Frankfurt - EP

Produced by Stevie B-Zet for Schallbau & Virginia Nascimento. Recorded and mixed at Schallbau Studios, Offenbach/M, Germany. Mixed by Stevie B-Zet, mastered at Schallbau.
1,4: M&L Nascimento, B-Zet, G.v.Südow; 2: M Nascimento, B-Zet, G.v.Südow, L Nascimento, B-Zet; 3: M Nascimento, B-Zet, L Nascimento, B-Zet, Lina Diya; 5,6: M&L Nascimento, B-Zet.
Percussion on 1,2: Tommy Baldu. Hi-percussion, guitar on 3 and guitar on 4: Laith Al-Deen. Guitar on 1,2,3,4 and additional backingvocals on 1,6: Michael Moschorrek.

Front Sleeve SBEP001

CD: 2006 DE (Schallbau Rec; SBEP001) ^

  04:27  Flying Without Wings [EP Version]
  05:26  Superficial
  04:48  Who Are You
  04:20  Everything Left [EP Version]
  04:44  Frankfurt [EP Version]
  04:48  Don't Give Up

Virginia Nascimento: Twisted Mind

Alle songs produced and mixed by Stevie B-Zet & Virginia Nascimento.

Front Sleeve SBEP001

CD: 2008 DE (Aplus / PIAS; 266.0005.020) ^

  04:03  So Material
  04:26  There's Nothing You Did Wrong
  04:51  Spoken Words
  04:19  Everything Left (Album Version)
  04:07  Flying Without Wings (Album Version)
  04:48  Frankfurt (Album Version)
  03:54  Wondering
  03:57  Red Alert
  04:09  Pisces In February
  04:13  Private Sky
  03:39  If I Feel Love
  04:06  Your Last Song
  05:51  Please Time Go By
  02:59  Outro (Ha Ha)
  03:34  Smile


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