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Randy Crawford (co-written / co-produced by B-Zet & Boutsen)

Randy Crawford: Albums

Randy Crawford: Every Kind of Mood - Randy, Randi, Randee

Randy Crawford: Vocals. Heinz Alberding: Flute. Jurgen Attig: Bass. Michael Becker: Viola. Christoph Isermann: Arranger. Jens Krause: Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Fender Rhodes, String Arrangements. Hiko Schomerus: Percussion. Daniel Ray: Photography. Elizabeth Barrett: Design. Vincent Montana, Jr.: Conductor, Horn (Alto), Vibraharp, Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements. Peter Zizzo: Arranger. Mousse T: Arranger, Producer, Engineer. York: Flute. Inaya Davis: Vocals (bckgr). A.C. Boutsen: Arranger. Astrid North: Vocals (bckgr). Morse O'Connell: Bass, Guitar. B. La: Drums. Florin Oszwald: Violin. Fanfan La Tulipe: Guitar. Christof Littmann: Arranger, Fender Rhodes, String Arrangements, Wurlitzer. Lutz Krajenski: Organ (Hammond). Errol Rennalls: Arranger. Malte Hagemeister: Guitar. Bernhard Schienke: Cello. Tex Super: Bass, Trumpet. Hilko Schoemerus: Percussion. Kirsten Becker: Oboe. Oliver Bensch: Violin. Steffen Britzke: Drum Programming. G-Strings: Strings. Graf Töteberg: Piano.

Front Sleeve 3984 20668-2
(Design: Elizabeth Barrett. Photography: Daniel Ray)

CD:    1997 DE (WEA / Warner Music; 3984 20668-2) ^
CD: 01/1998 US (Atlantic 92785)
MC: 01/1998 US (Atlantic 92785)

  04:24  Breaking Down (written by BZet/Carriere)
  03:52  Bye Bye (written by David/Mousse T/Rennalls)
  04:47  I'd Be an Angel (written by Krause/North)
  03:06  Unwounded (written by Boutsen/BZet)
  04:56  Captain of Her Heart (written by Haug/Maloo)
  04:50  Wishing on a Star (written by Calvin)
  04:28  Are You Sure (written by Davis/Mousse T/Rennalls)
  04:11  Sweet Regine (written by Martells/Zizzo)
  02:41  Johnny (written by Scott/Scott)
  03:51  Let It Rain (written by Bousten/Carriere)
  04:02  Living In Silence (written by Krause/North)
  04:39  Changes (written by Crawford/Vally)
  04:28  Almaz (written by Crawford)
  04:24  Honey for My Honey (written by Crawford)
  06:01  Hymm of the Big Wheel 
          (written by Andy/Cherry/Del Naja/Marshall/Vowles)

The Best of Randy Crawford & Friends

"Unwounded" composed by Stevie B-Zet, A.C. Boutsen. Lyrics by A.C. Boutsen. Produced by Jens Krause for Peppermint Park.
The other 14 tracks are not related to Schallbau.

Front Sleeve 9548 38879-2
(Photo: Victorie Pearson, Artwork by Evelyn Engel, D+H/HH)

CD: 2000 DE (WEA Records / Warner Music; 9548 38879-2) ^

  03:56  I'll Be Around (Radio Edit 1) 
  04:45  Give Me The Night (Chill Night Remix)
  03:06  Unwounded
  04:17  You Might Need Somebody
  06:07  Forget Me Nots (Femi Fem Rotation Mix)
  04:47  I'd Be An Angel
  04:17  Streetlife
  03:58  Caji Moon (Caju-Trip-Radio-Mix)
  04:56  Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  04:55  Bye Bye (Street Mix)
  03:57  Wishing On A Star (Elusive Clubradio Version)
  04:20  Rainy Night In Georgia
  04:56  Captain Of Her Heart
  05:00  One Day I'll Fly Away
  03:50  Are You Sure (New Radio Version)


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