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The Hempolics

The Hempolics are a gang of singers and players in the uk who make music to mash up the place. The gang leader is Grippa, a producer programmer engineer who makes the hempolics sound in his bedroom in south east london. Members and collaborators are Grippa, Harry, L.S.K., Cojack, Maxi Jazz, Linthal Thompson, Purple Kola, Danny Bowskills, Franz Job, Brett, Lindy Layton, Derrick Morgon, Luke, P-Nut, Scott Addison, Nick Rhodes, Dave Nally, Pauline Taylor, Paolo Nutini, Martin Mccory.

The Hempolics: Singles & EP's

The Hempolics: Serious

Release note from the label:

Reggae Roast Records are proud to present: 'Serious', the debut single from The Hempolics. The band formed in London in early 2009. Spawned from the urge to make real music, they have created a perfectly balanced, organic, yet distinctly bionic style. The Hempolics crew includes artists such as Maxi Jazz, Paolo Nutini, Harry Collier, Dandelion and One Eskimo. Lead vocalist of the group; Dandelion takes the reigns on this track with an extremely catchy hook and fantastic melody line.
Over the past 3 years Dandelion has recorded tracks with some of the biggest names in Reggae and Dubstep. Highlights include; CCTV, released on the Hyperdub imprint, which achieved airplay on Radio 1 and was then re-released by the legendary Soul Jazz Records label. The Hempolics have just been confirmed as the official support act for Faithless on their 2010 UK tour, so you can expect to hear a lot more from the band over the next few months.

Front Sleeve  

Download Releases:
DL: 03/2010 UK (Reggae Roast; RR 003) ^ [download]

  03:09  Serious
  03:07  Serious (Version)
  03:07  Serious (Dub)
  05:59  Serious (RackNRuin Dubstep Remix)
  06:03  Serious (RackNRuin Digi-Dub Remix)

7" Vinyl:
7": 03/2010 UK (Reggae Roast; RR ...) [unconfirmed]


The Hempolics: Remixes and Outside Production Work

Paolo Nutini: Jenny Don't Be Hasty (Hempolics & P.nut Remix)

Front Sleeve  

On " Paolo Nutini: These Streets" - JP Bonus Edition:
CD: 07/2006 JP (Atlantic; WPCB-12573)

  03:23  Jenny Don't Be Hasty (Hempolics & P.nut Remix) 

The Drop: Takeover (Hempolics Remix)

Front Sleeve SHOAL 002  

DL: 06/2011 UK (Shoal; SHOAL 002) ^ [download]

  04:15  Takeover (Original Version)
  04:18  Takeover (Dubmatix Temix)
  03:47  Takeover (Hempolics Dub)

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