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Rollo & Sister Bliss Songs Performed By Other Artists

Sarah Brightman: Here With Me

Sarah Brightman made a cover version of Dido's "Here With Me" written by D. Armstrong, P. Statham & P. Gabriel.

On "Sarah Brightman: La Luna" (Album):
CD: 01/2001 (East West; 8573859152)

  05:22  Here With Me [10]

Caater: Hold That Sucker Down

Written by Rob D and Rollo.

See http://www.caater.ee, http://www.sonymusic.dk/generated/nyheder.htm or http://www.sonymusic.fi for more info.

Crazy Frog: Don't You Want Me

Cover version of Felix' "Don't You Want Me".

Front Sleeve

On "Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits" (Album):
CD: 07/2005 (GUSCD03)

         Don't You Want Me [7]

DJ Jean: Love Come Home

"Love Come Home" written by Rob D, Rollo & J. Dark. "Groove To The Music" written by IttyBotty, BoozyWoozy, Greatski & DJ Jean.
Published by BMG Music Publishing Ltd./Blue Parrot/Champion Music.
All tracks produced by Klubbheads & DJ Jean. Vocals by Johnny Kelvin.

Front Sleeve 156 968-2
(Artwork: fws, Hamburg)

CDS: 04/2000 NL (Mo'bizz Records / Digidance; MBZZ 031-5)
CDS:    2000 DE (Mo'bizz Records / Urban / Universal; 156 968-2) ^ [*]

  03:42  Love Come Home (Radio Mix)
  07:07  Love Come Home (Klubbheads vs. DJ Jean Mix)  [*3]
  07:16  Love Come Home (Vocal Mix)                   [*2]
  04:15  Groove To The Music
  03:42  Love Come Home (Video [MPEG/Quicktime])      [not on *]

12": 2000 NL (Mo'bizz Records / Digidance; MBZZ 031-12)

  07:16  Love Come Home (Vocal Mix)                  [A1]
  07:07  Love Come Home (Klubbheads vs. DJ Jean Mix) [B1]
  04:15  Groove To The Music                         [B2]

Def Rhymes: ?

The new single of Def Rhymes contains samples from "DJ Jean: Love Come Home" - Written by Rob D, Rollo & J. Dark.

Disc-O-Thek: Don't You Want Me '97 (The Mixes!)

All original tracks written by Felix. Vocals by Nina. Published by Hooj Choons / MCPS.

CDS: 1997 DE (Logic Records / BMG; 74321 529072)

  06:54  Don't You Want Me (Pro-Active Mix)
  06:13  Don't You Want Me (Funky Chamäleon Mix) [Mispr.time: 07:15/07:16]
  05:39  Don't You Want Me (Disc-O-Thek Mix)
  06:00  Don't You Want Me (Last But Not Least Mix)

 1 Remixed by Misar and Wagenknecht
 2 Remixed by Matthias Geist
 3 Remixed by Martin Roth
 4 Remixed by Kai MacDonald

Flans: Gracias (Thank You)

Dido's "Thank You" has been covered under the name "Gracias" (spanish for "Thank You" :-) by the Honduran-Mexican pop group "Flans". It's available on their album "Hadas".

Ben Johnson: Come 1

Contains a sample of Faithless' "We Come 1".

12": 11/2003 UK (Progression Records; PROG 003) [Whitelabel Promo]

  09:51  Come 1 (Nick Sentience Epic Mix)  [A]
  07:25  Come 1 (Ben Johnson Original Mix) [B1]
  07:07  Come 1 (Factor X Daygroover Mix)  [B2]

Nightwatchers: Insomnia

"Insomnia" Written by Rollo, Sister Bliss & Maxi Jazz.
"The Past Is My Future"/"Sleepless Nites" written and composed by Marek Erhardt, Bob Cruise and Stefan Grünwald.
Produced by The Nightwatchers (Marek Erhardt, Bob Cruise and Stefan Grünwald). Recorded and mastered at the Oh Yes Studio, Hamburg.

Front Sleeve 0142325 KON

Release /w "Kontor Media Navigator":
CDS: 08/2002 DE (Kontor / Edel; 0142325 KON) ^

  03:44  Insomnia (Radio Edit)
  07:09  Insomnia (Extended Version)
  05:20  The Past Is My Future
  03:32  Sleepless Nites
 [CD extra / multimedia CD-ROM track:]
         Kontor Media Navigator /w Lyrics for "Insomnia"
  03:27  Nightwatchers: Insomnia (Video) [MPEG]
  03:40  Nightwatchers: Insomnia (Video Making Of) [MPEG]

Front Sleeve KONTOR 247
Promo Sheet KONTOR 247

CDS: 08/2002 DE (Kontor / Edel; KONTOR 247) ^
12": 07/2002 DE (Kontor / Edel; KONTOR 247) [unconfirmed, probably 2+3]

  03:44  Insomnia (Radio Edit)
  07:09  Insomnia (Extended Version)
  05:20  The Past Is My Future

The Quartz Project: Hold That Sucker Down

"Hold That Sucker Down" written by R.Dougan / R.Armstrong.
"Sucker Up" written by Flexter.

Record Label

12": 1994 IT (RMX Records / Discomagic; RMX 12723) ^

  06:18  Hold That Sucker Down (Club Mix) [A misprinted 05:10]
  04:40  Sucker Up                        [B]

12": 1994 ES (Blanco Y Negro; MX-496)

  05:10  Hold That Sucker Down (Club Version) [A]
  04:40  The Sucker Up (Another Version)

 A. Written by R. Armstrong and R. Dougan.
 B. Written by Flexter.
 [Note: The Club Version is a re-make of the original Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix]

Martin Roth: Shockwaves

Cover version of "O. T. Quartet: Hold That Sucker Down".

12": 02/2006 DE (Lunatique / DMD; LU001)

  07:28  Shockwaves (Techno-Punk Mix)
  07:28  Shockwaves (Summer's Here Mix)

Tumeric & Friends: The Music of Faithless

An album of Faithless cover versions performed by Tumeric & Friends.

Front Sleeve6235958

CD: 13.09.2002 (6235958)

  05:28  My Culture
  04:58  One Step Too Far
  03:55  We Come 1
  03:33  God ls A D.J.
  04:20  Muhammad Ali
  03:52  Why Go?
  03:47  Reverence
  05:57  Not Enuff Love
  04:27  Don't Leave
  03:44  Insomnia
  04:05  Donny X
  03:39  Angeline
  06:42  Tarantula
  04:34  Evergreen
  10:36  Salva Mea

The String Quartet Tribute To Dido

Front Sleeve  

         Thank You
         Sand In My Shoes
         Don't Think Of Me
         White Flag
         Here With Me - (from "Roswell")
         Life For Rent
         Don't Think Of Me
         All You Want
         Take My Hand
         I'm No Angel
         Trans-Global Express (Original Composition)

- --- -

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