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About This Discography

List of abbreviations

CD    = CD longplay album
NoCD  = Non-CD ("Copy protected" disk) who is violating the "Red Book" standard for audio CDs 
DL    = Download (MP3, MP4, WAV, ...)
LP    = twelve inch vinyl longplay album
MC    = music cassette (tape)
MD    = mini disk
CDS   = CD single, maxi or EP
12"   = twelve inch vinyl single or EP
10"   = ten inch vinyl single or EP
7"    = seven inch vinyl single or EP
2CD   = double CD, 3CD = triple CD, ...
2LP   = double LP, 3LP = triple LP, ...
2MC   = double MC, 3MC = triple MC, ...
2x12" = double 12", 3x12" = triple 12", ...

diecut sleeve = sleeve with a hole in the middle, usually without any
 release-specific layout (e.g. black, white, or with a generic label
 logo used for all releases from this label)

bootleg = illegal unofficial 'black market' pressing

Country codes:
AU = Australia
AT = Austria
BE = Belgium
BR = Brasil
CA = Canada
CZ = Czech Republic
DE = Germany
DK = Denmark
EU = European Union (or Continental Europe)
ES = Spain
FI = Finland
FR = France
GR = Greece
HK = Kong Kong
IT = Italy
JP = Japan
ML = Malaysia
NL = Netherlands (Dutch)
NO = Norway
PL = Poland
RU = Russia
SC = Scandinavian
SE = Sweden
SG = Singapore
UK = United Kingdom
US = United States
ZA = South Africa

Universal Product Code / International Article Number

The Universal Product Code (UPC aka EAN.UCC-12) is the original 12-digit barcode widely used in USA and Canada for items in stores since 1974. The International Article Number (EAN-13) was developed as a superset of UPC with an additional 13th digit for international use (UPC has the prefix 0 in the EAN system).
UPC consists of an item group digit, a 5-digit manufacturer code, a 5-digit product reference number assigned by the manufacturer and a check digit. EAN is build up using 2-3 digits for country prefix, 4-5 digits manufacturer code, 5-digit product reference number and a check digit.
For a list of EAN country codes see Wikipedia, but note that they're not valid for 12-digit UPC codes.

Thanks And Acknowledgements

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Outdated State

Please note that these pages are no longer maintained and have switched to some kind of "outdated archive" state, since spare time focus and priorities have shifted through the years.


This composition is Copyright 1997 - 2015 by tes. Permission is granted to distribute this file for non-profit use in its unaltered form in electronic medias. Please ask for permission if you want to publish it under other conditions.
All pictures are copyrighted to the corresponding companies and artwork designers.

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