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"Ecano" is a project by Oliver Lieb.

Ecano: Singles & EP's

Ecano: Run

Written and produced by Oliver Lieb. Published by Ed. Mooze/Administrated by BMG/UFA Musikverlage.

Full Small Front Sleeve TET053-12 Enlarged Front Sleeve TET053-12 (part of) Record Label BL9810 Diecut Front Sleeve BL9810  

12": 1999 DE (Tetsuo, Bad Homburg; TET053-12) ^
12": 1999 BE (Bonzai Limited; BL9810)

  07:08  Run (Original)        [A]
  06:53  Run (Crispy Mix)      [B1]
  06:51  Run (Alternative Mix) [B2]

Record Label AVANT003 (Pink edition) Record Label AVANT003 (Green editon) Record Label AVANT003  

12": 1999 UK (Avantgarde, London; AVANT003)   [Pink label]
12": 1999 UK (Avantgarde, London; AVANT003) ^ [Green label]

  --:--  Run (Original Mix) [A]
  --:--  Run (Z2 Mix)       [B]

[B] Remix & additional production by Z2 for Solar Stone Productions

Front Sleeve NEXP019  

2012 Northern Exposure ReRelease:
DL: 03/2012 (Northern Exposure; NEXP019) ^

  07:04  Run (Original Mix)
  09:55  Run (Z2 Mix)

Front Sleeve SOLD020  

Digital Remastered 2014 ReRelease:
DL: 04/2014 DE (Solieb Digital; SOLD020) ^

  07:07  Run (Original Mix)    [Remastered]
  06:53  Run (Alternative Mix) [Remastered]
  06:53  Run (Crispy Mix)      [Remastered]

 [Available through oliverlieb.bandcamp.com and other stores.
  ReRelease notes:
  Ecano - Run - was originally released in 1998 on Tetsuo Rec.
  released 24 April 2014
  written and produced by Oliver Lieb 1998
  remastered by Oliver Lieb 2014  ]

Ecano: Sphere

Written by Oliver Lieb.

Diecut Front Sleeve TET 073-12 (part of) Record Label TET 073-12  

12": 08/05/2000 BE (Bonzai Limited, BL 2000015)
12":       2000 DE (Tetsuo, Bad Homburg; TET 073-12) ^

         Sphere #2  [A1]
         Sphere #3  [A2]
         Sphere #1  [B]

Ecano: Compilation Appearances

Ecano: Run

On "21st Century Deep Trance" (Various Mixed by Mark Shimmon)
3CD: 2000 UK (REACTCD 179)

         Ecano: Run (Z2 Mix)

On "Renaissance America - Volume One - Compilation By Dave Seaman" (DJ Mix / Compilation):
CD: 199? ? (?)

         Ecano: Run


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