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About This Discography

List of abbreviations

CD    = CD longplay album
NoCD  = Non-CD ("Copy protected" disk) who is violating the "Red Book" standard for audio CDs 
DL    = Download (MP3, MP4, WAV, ...)
LP    = twelve inch vinyl longplay album
MC    = music cassette (tape)
MD    = mini disk
CDS   = CD single, maxi or EP
12"   = twelve inch vinyl single or EP
10"   = ten inch vinyl single or EP
7"    = seven inch vinyl single or EP
2CD   = double CD, 3CD = triple CD, ...
2LP   = double LP, 3LP = triple LP, ...
2MC   = double MC, 3MC = triple MC, ...
2x12" = double 12", 3x12" = triple 12", ...

diecut sleeve = sleeve with a hole in the middle, usually without any
 release-specific layout (e.g. black, white, or with a generic label
 logo used for all releases from this label)

bootleg = illegal unofficial 'black market' pressing

Country codes:
AU = Australia
AT = Austria
BE = Belgium
BR = Brasil
CA = Canada
CZ = Czech Republic
DE = Germany
DK = Denmark
EU = European Union (or Continental Europe)
ES = Spain
FI = Finland
FR = France
GR = Greece
HK = Kong Kong
IT = Italy
JP = Japan
ML = Malaysia
NL = Netherlands (Dutch)
NO = Norway
PL = Poland
RU = Russia
SC = Scandinavian
SE = Sweden
SG = Singapore
UK = United Kingdom
US = United States
ZA = South Africa

Universal Product Code / International Article Number

The Universal Product Code (UPC aka EAN.UCC-12) is the original 12-digit barcode widely used in USA and Canada for items in stores since 1974. The International Article Number (EAN-13) was developed as a superset of UPC with an additional 13th digit for international use (UPC has the prefix 0 in the EAN system).
UPC consists of an item group digit, a 5-digit manufacturer code, a 5-digit product reference number assigned by the manufacturer and a check digit. EAN is build up using 2-3 digits for country prefix, 4-5 digits manufacturer code, 5-digit product reference number and a check digit.
For a list of EAN country codes see Wikipedia, but note that they're not valid for 12-digit UPC codes.

Thanks And Acknowledgements

I would thank the following people for their contributions:
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