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This fanpage is dedicated to Schallbau, a music production team who is making music since more than a decade now. It has 3 members:
Ralf Hildenbeutel, Steffen Britzke (aka Stevie B-Zet) and Matthias Hoffmann (aka A.C. Boutsen).

The have released their tracks under the following project names I know:
Schallbau, Odys(s)ee of Noises, Mosaic, Cygnus X, They, Earth Nation, Millenium, Mignon, Curare, Barbarella, Essence of Nature, Astral Pilot, Brainchild, Metal Master, Dee. FX, Superfish.

And they have produced the following artists:
Sven Väth, Vernon, Zyon, Vega, Simon Collins, Laith Al-Deen.

The 'core' of these pages is full detailed discography, so check out the Discography Section.

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