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Big Room (Jam&Spoon as Trancy Spacer & Spacy Trancer)

"Big Room" is a project by Jam El Mar & Mark Spoon under the pseudonyms "Trancy Spacer & Spacy Trancer".

Big Room: Singles & EP's

Big Room: Drum-Loc / Loss Of Consciousness

"Drum-Loc" produced & composed by Trancy Spacer & Spacy Trancer (aka Jam & Spoon). Written by Raquel Gomez Ray.
"Loss Of Consciousness" composed by Trancy Spacer & Spacy Trancer (aka Jam & Spoon), Thorsten Stenzel, Ralph Armand Beck. Additional remix production by DJ Taucher & Thorsten Stenzel.
Drum-programming by Pit Löw. Recorded at Allstar Warehouse / Frankfurt.

Front Sleeve 156454-2
(Design: Bruce @ Marc Schilkowsi)

CDS: 1999 DE (Urben / Universal; 156454-2) ^

  04:02  Drum-Loc (Bigger Radio Mix)
  06:23  Drum-Loc (Bigger Club Mix)
  06:48  Drum-Loc (Bigger Vox Club Mix)
  09:01  Loss Of Consciousness

12": 09/1999 (Urban Germany; URBDJ 2040)

         Drum-Loc (Mix 1)
         Drum-Loc (Mix 2)
         Loss Of Consciousness

Big Room: Compilation Appearances

Big Room: Drum Loc

Produced and composed by Trancy Spacer and Spacy Trancer. Written by Raquel Gomez Rey. Drum programming by Pit Low. Published by Edition Subliminal BMG/UFA, Edition Allstar II Sony Music Publishing, Edition Casa Blanca EMI Music Publishing. Recorded at Allstar Warehouse/Frankfurt.

On "Official Euro 2000 Album" (Compilation)
CD: 2000 DE (Universal Music TV; 159 115-2)

  04:04  Big Room - Drum Loc 

Big Room: Loss Of Consciousness

Music & lyrics by Thorsten Stenzel, Ralph Armand Beck, Marc Spoon, Rolf Ellmer (=Jam El Mar). Vocals and lyrics performed by Raquel Gomez. Mixed by Thorsten Stenzel at The Polaris Lab.

Front Sleeve 589 3232
(Artwork: Markus Remscheid @ Think Design / www.h2d2.de)

On "Taucher: Ebbe und Flut / Low Tide and High Tide" (Album):
2CD: 2001 DE (Polydor / Universal; 589 3232) ^ [limited numbered edition]
2CD: 2001 DE (Polydor / Universal; 589 ....)   [regular edition]

  08:17  Loss Of Consciousness  [Thorsten Stenzel Mix]


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