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Frankfurt based producer Oliver Lieb, born in 1969, is a maniac, a music production maniac. His output is unbelievable. Since 1989 he is one of the most renowned producers of electronic music. No matter if it's Techno, House, Eurodance, Hardcore, Elektro, Trance, Ambient or just "music electronics", Oliver made it to the premier league of international Dance-Producers with appearances in/on nearly all important clubs and raves all over the planet.

Oliver Lieb - Taken from 4Clubbers Interview Page Oliver Lieb - Taken from Raveline 06/2002

He's a chameleon, releasing his work under various project names in various styles on various labels. Most known are probably L.S.G., Spicelab, Ambush and Paragliders. He made collaborations with Torsten Fenslau (founder of Culture Beat), Torsten Stenzel (producer for DJ Taucher and DJ Sakin), Pascal F.E.O.S. (from Resistance D), W.J. Henze (Delirium Records) and many others. And he is a high demanded remixer, he made remixes for acts like Faithless, Human League, Moby, Snap, Sven Väth, Yello and dozens of other artists.

German article in RAVELINE 06/2002 - Page 1 German article in RAVELINE 06/2002 - Page 2
(German article about Oliver Lieb in RAVELINE 06/2002)


Renegade One Report 10/94 - Title Page Renegade One Report 10/94 - Page 1 Renegade One Report 10/94 - Page 2 Renegade One Report 10/94 - Page 3 Renegade One Report 10/94 - Page 4
(Oliver Lieb Interview in Renegade One Report - October 94 issue)


Oliver Lieb Oliver Lieb Oliver Lieb Oliver Lieb Oliver Lieb Oliver Lieb
(Some press pictures taken from Superstition)


This was taken at the old Harthouse offices in Germany inside Oliver Lieb's studio. From left: Oliver Lieb, dj Hi-Shock and Pascal FEOS. Oliver Lieb performing live at the Nikko Hotel in Darling Harbour.
(Photos by DJ Hi-Shock taken from http://www.cia.com.au/hishock/photos.htm)


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