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Mijk van Dijk... Producer since 1988
Live Act since 1990
DJ since 1992

Starts in music as a bass player in several funk and pop bands before getting interested in drumcomputers and synthesizers.

Starts working with music computers and drummachines.

Produces House and Hip Hop tracks.

first LoopZone -12" on Low Spirit Records Berlin ("Hate / Les Enfants Du Paradis"). First live act performances.

Several hard techno-12"'s with DJ Tanith and again as LoopZone on Bash Records Berlin. More live act performances.

New projects Microglobe ("High On Hope") and Mindgear ("Don't Panic") on MFS-Records Berlin. Works together with Cosmic Baby on the first Trance compilation ever: "Tranceformed From Beyond" (MFS), a 75-minutes-non-stop-music-mix. Starts to perform as a DJ besides his successful live acts.

New projects Marmion ("Berlin-EP" incl. "Schöneberg") with DJ Marcos Lopez and Mijk's Magic Marble Box ( "The 4 Seasons Of The Mind-EP") on Superstition Records Hamburg.

Several big clubhits with Marmion ("Schöneberg-Remix" and "Firechild") and Microglobe ("Environ-Mentality", "All Our Colours" incl. video). Coproduces two tracks for the DJ Hell-album "Geteert Und Gefedert" on Disko B Munich. Meanwhile Mijk plays a lot of live shows and DJ sets all over Europe.
First tour to Australia in May. First album is released through MFS: "Afreuropamericasiaustralica". The almost unspeakable name of this concept album refers to the 6 continents (yes, don't forget Antarctica...) and Mijk's view of the world as he knows it... First tour to Japan from December '94 to January '95.

Several remixes, many gigs and the 2nd Mijk's Magic Marble Box ( "Tokyo Trax"), a reflection of Mijk's first Japan tour.

Marmion is back with new tracks ("Three After Midnight", "The Spark, The Flame And The Fire") and their classic "Schöneberg", which is remixed and re-released in the UK through Hooj Choons. Another Mijk-classic "The Wildlife" gets new attention as the TV comercial soundtrack for French car Renault Mégane. Mijk does remixes for Japanese acts Denki Groove and Parts Of Console and finally releases his first 12" under his name Mijk van Dijk: "Suck My Soul". 2nd tour to Australia and 3rd tour to Japan. Always interested in new forms of making or performing music, Mijk performs a live set on his birthday party at E-Werk Berlin with nothing else but a Sony Playstation video game console running the "music game" CD-Rom "Depth", ("Fluid" in Europe). Mijk's occasional Playstation performances in clubs or in radio shows already gained a lot of attention so far.

Mijk's 2nd album "glow" released on Superstition sells more than 10.000 copies. The 3rd single of the "glow"-album "More" comes with a 3D-video. Mijk produces soundtracks for the movies "Kiss My Blood" by David Jazay and "Femme" by Charles Finkbeiner and Donald Krämer. Produces soundtrack music for the Sony Playstation game "Ghost In The Shell". In his first theatre work Mijk and the "Berliner Ensemble" (founded by Bertold Brecht) take the stage out of the theatre and out on the street on a truck of the Love Parade, to mix theatre with Techno and Drum'n'Bass. Again Mijk's musical tool for the musical soundtrack to the theatre performance is the notorious Playstation.

is the year of cooperations: due to Mijk's success in Japan, Sony Japan re-releases "glow" and the DJ-mix-CD "Multi Mijk" by DJ Toby Izui, a kind of "Best of" Mijk's early works from '92 to '96. Mijk's very own first DJ-Mix-CD is released in association with German major Motor/Polydor on Superstition's sublabel Push as "Mind Control Vol.2". Frogman Records Japan release two cooperations of Mijk with Japanese Djs Takkyu Ishino and Toby Izui. So Mijk goes to Japan for the 7th time in April to promote his Japanese releases. He spends the second half of 1998 working on his next album for Superstition called "Teamwork", a compilation of cooperations with friendly artists. The first singles off that album are 12"s with Thomas Schumacher (Bremen) and Claude Young (Detroit). Other artists involved in this project are Quazar (Amsterdam) Paul M (Berlin), Humate (Hamburg), Toby Izui (Tokyo) and Johannes Talirz (Berlin), the guy that Mijk started doing electronic music with.

"Teamwork" is out since February 1, 1999. In spring 1999 Mijk promoted his "Teamwork"-album with successful live shows in Europe and Japan. Another 12" with Rob Acid entitled "Rhythmen aus dem Bienenstock" (Rhythms From The Beehive) followed later in autumn.

Mijk finished 5 exclusive tracks for the soundtrack of the videogame "Ridge Racer V" for the new PlayStation2, released in Japan in March 2000.
With partner Tobynation Mijk released the two EP's "Brothers In Raw: Live At Cocolo" and "K-JIM & Y-BOT: Summer And You".

Three of Mijk's tracks for the videogame "Ridge Racer V" appeared on vinyl as "Game Trax Vol. 1 EP", to be followed by "Game Trax Vol. 2 EP" (Armored Core 2). With Namito Mijk produced the "Härter EP".
Mijk van Dijk & Toby Izui released a Mix-CD called "Berlin Tokyo".

Mijk's new album "Everygound" is finished, due to be released in early 2002 on Superstition Records.
It is planned that a 'Best Of' compilation will be released on a mexican label, working title "Chrono-Logical".
There is also an Ambient Album in the pipeline...  

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