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September 2005

The new Laith Al-Deen album (produced by Schallbau) called "Die Frage Wie" is out, as well as the single "Leb Den Tag".

Schallbau has co-written/produced the track "Say It's Alright" for D.R.E.A.M. entering the French TOP40 charts.

The Schallbau Records 12" vinyl releases of EYE Q originals is re-scheduled for January 2006. First release will be the legendary track "See You" from "Virtual Symmetry". Followed be tracks from "Earth Nation", "Stevie B-Zet" and "Brainchild" with remixes from Jochen Schmalbach (Tiefschwatz), Johannes Heil, David Carretta and others. It will be very exciting....


After the very positive response to the "Eye Q, the Essentials" releases, there are more releases planned. It will be a promising selection of 12" vinyl releases of EYE Q originals, remixes and previously unreleased tracks. The first releases will be tracks from EARTH NATION, BRAINCHILD and STEVIE B-ZET, first release will be approximately in September 2005...

The recordings for the 4th Laith Al-Deen album (produced by Schallbau) are just in progress. Single release announced for July, album for September.

Schallbau produced four (including three co-written) songs on the latest Yvonne Catterfeld album called "Unterwegs".

The half Brazilian artist Virginiana Scimento is working on her debut album since a couple of months now. Together with producer Stevie B-Zet they create a mixture between the B-Zet typical electronic sounds and beats and Virginia's distinctive voice. There also will be a live band to present the project live.

A great collaboration happened between Lily Fraser ( and Ralf Hildenbeutel in London. Lily has worked with several producers/writers on her debut album. She has a very charismatic voice and a unique style, and with her extraordinary band (harp, cello, double bass, drums) she did already win a remarkable fan-base.

The singer Isa, who is the centre of the bandproject CHI, is working on her album with A.C. Boutsen (aka M. Hoffmann) since a while now. The guitar-orientated tracks in mixture with Isa's melancholic voice are giving this promising project a special vibe.


Sorry again for long delay... End of last year Ralf Hildenbeutel / Stevie B-Zet / A.C. Boutsen re-released some of their essential works from their legendary EYE-Q period: "The Essentials Vol. I" (The Original Club Tracks) and "Vol. II" (The Original Lounge Tracks).


In the meantime, the 3rd Laith Al-Deen album "Für Alle", again produced by Schallbau, has been released in January, including the two singles "Alles An Dir" and "Höher".


Schallbau produced some tracks for Yvonne Catterfeld. 4 of them can be found on her album "Meine Welt".


A Cygnus X collection album named "Collected Works" has been released in March.


The new Laith Al Deen single "Dein Lied" is out, to be followed by the album "Melomanie" on 06/May/2002, produced by Schallbau.


The Laith Al Deen album "Ich Will Nur Wissen..." will be rereleased on 09/April with new artwork and tracks incl the new single "Noch Lange Nicht Genug", also to be released the same day.


The Official Schallbau Page is online. Flash plugin required.


The launch of the The Official Schallbau Page is announced for January 2001.

Laith Al-Deen's new single "Kleine Helden", produced by Schallbau, has been released.


Schallbau are producing the soundtrack for a German movie telling stories around the Loveparade named "Love, Peace & Pancake" (working title) directed by Roman Kuhn. It's announced to reach German cinemas in March 2001.

Schallbau is going to produce the soundtrack for a German movie named "Mondscheintarif" (working title) directed by Ralf Hüttner. It's announced to reach German cinemas somewhen in 2001.

Some more additions to the discography, check out...


The Laith Al-Deen album release has been renamed to "Ich Will Nur Wissen...". Should be in German stores in one week.


The Laith Al-Deen album "Mittendrin" is rescheduled to be released on 25/September on Epic.


The movie "Und das ist erst der Anfang", where Schallbau created the soundtrack for, has started at German cinemas yesterday.


I've received a promo for the Laith Al-Deen album "Mittendrin", produced by Schallbau. Check out!

I've also changed the layout a bit...


I've redesigned these pages and introduced a new look&feel, I hope you enjoy.

The discography is now alternatively available as a "stepwise" option (one page for each project), while the classic "all-in-one" is still available. Check out which option you prefer...

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