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Oliver Lieb - Taken from 4Clubbers Interview Page Oliver Lieb - Taken from Raveline 06/2002

This fanpage is dedicated to Oliver Lieb, a very prolific music producer, a chameleon, releasing his work in various styles on various labels under various project names, like L.S.G., Spicelab, Ambush, Superspy, S.O.L., Paragliders, Java, Mirage, Azid Force, Arte Bionico, Force Legato, and many many many more.

The 'core' of these pages is full detailed discography, so check out the Discography Section.

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These pages are
short-linked at http://oliverlieb.de.vu/
and http://tursa.de/OliverLieb.html,
currently located at http://www.franken.de/users/tursa/OliverLieb.html.

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